Can You Help Save A Dog's Life?        Over 600 lives saved & counting!

Becoming a Foster Parent for a Ken-Mar Rescue Dog

Stephanie of Ken-Mar Rescue

The more fosters we have, the more lives we can save! We provide all food, medical, linens, crates, collars, id tags and leashes. You supply the comfort and care so that the transition from shelter to home environment is eased. Here is an article written by Martie Petrie for Pet Press, "Fostering, A Rescue’s Lifeline".

We are a cage-free, foster-based rescue that saves small dogs.

Once you submit your online application, we will get back to you within 3 business days.

Fostering is also a great way to see if you are ready to adopt a dog. You will be greatly helping us while deciding if dog ownership is right for you. All of our fosters get “first dibs.”

Fostering Facts

It is very simple math, the more dogs we place in foster homes while we find them forever homes, the more dogs we can save. If you have the space in your home for a foster, your contribution will be of unimaginable help to our cause. What cause? To get those sweet dogs out of the shelter and into loving homes!

rollo of Ken-Mar Rescue
What is my Commitment if I Foster?
    Emotional Commitment: It takes a very special person to open their hearts to one of these dogs, to love and nurture them for a period of time, and then give them up when their new permanent home is found. But the job of a foster parent is a critical one, and knowing the impact you have made on this little life will reward you ten-fold.
    Financial Commitment: NONE! Ken-Mar Rescue will continue to provide for the dog’s expenses, including medical, food, grooming and supplies.
    Time Commitment: We ask for a minimum of a two month period. Are you a teacher, a studio employee, an actor or someone who has time available occasionally, such as over a summer? We could sure use your help.

The Ken-Mar Rescue Fostering Program Ken-Mar Rescue Foster Questionnaire
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Home Check
As with our adoption process, we also do a home check. If it is a house, we look for a safe environment such as a fenced yard free of debris and harmful areas. If you live in an apartment, please remember many dogs do very well in an apartment. However, time does become a factor for apartment dwellers and fostering should only be considered if your schedule allows enough time to take the dog out on a regular schedule.
Emotional Support & Socialization
We ask that you give your foster the emotional support necessary to help them transition through this phase. Often this involves helping to socialize them, making them feel more secure and good about themselves. You will be making a huge impact on the dog's life and teaching it valuable socialization skills which will make him/her so much easier to place in a forever home.
Personality Observations/Medical Issues information to us
Help us update your foster dog’s bio with information such as: Are they housebroken? OK with cats? Likes other dogs or prefers to be an only dog? The more we get to know about the rescue through the observations of the foster parent, the better the chance of a successful forever home.

Foster to Adopt: If you are a prospective first time dog owner and are not really sure you’re ready for the responsibility, or have other pets and want to make sure that the new dog is compatible, a “foster to adopt” is a great opportunity to share your home without the long term commitment of a permanent adoption. See the tab Foster to Adopt. Foster parents get "first dibs" on adopting their foster kids.

Kudos to You!
It is easy to say "I want to help" or "I’d like to take them all" but by taking ONE needy dog into your home, you are making the difference between life and death. Your commitment creates a space for us to take another dog out of the shelter. Thank you.

The Joys of Fostering a Ken-Mar Rescue Dog!

Kai of Ken-Mar Rescue

Martie and Ken were the only rescue group that offered to bring the dog I was interested in over to my home to meet her as a foster to adopt. It was great to see the dog in my home environment first, and we both fell in love at first sight.

Charlie Kai is one of the smartest and best behaved dogs I have ever seen, and can't believe that she was a rescue. Martie and Ken are extremely detailed and thorough in making sure the dogs are placed into good homes and gave me all of the support I needed, including food, a brand new dog bed, leashes, treats, toys and more. Charlie came housebroken with all of her shots in order and detailed paperwork with her history.

I encourage everyone to become a foster or adopt a dog, and to check out Ken-Mar. Charlie Kai is the best Valentine's present to myself I could have ever asked for!
...Hilari S.

Lacey of Ken-Mar Rescue

My boyfriend and I ran into "Lacey" on our iPhone app: Petfinder. We immediately fell in love with her and contacted Ken-Mar, filled out an application, moved into a pet friendly apartment and the rest is history.

They are absolutely a delight. Their foster parents are hand picked positive, loving and kind people. The process is straightforward, honest, and simple. They know so much about dogs and about THEIR dogs. Ken, Martie, and the foster parents really get to know the dogs, as much of their history and personalities as possible, so NOTHING is a surprise.

We are so happy with our girl and never imagined life could be this bright. You don't know it until you're a dog owner, but there is this special spot in your soul for a pup and Ken-Mar helps fill the hole.

Adopt from them, so they can "save another life."
...Elise N.

Oatie of Ken-Mar Rescue

I had such a wonderful experience working with Martie and Ken and have had the opportunity to experience their passion and dedication to saving the lives of orphaned animals, firsthand. I fostered one of their adoptables for a short period, and Martie was there throughout the entire process to get me set up and answer any questions or concerns I had. Eventually, we adopted another rescue of theirs, Oatmeal, now called Oatie. He has brought so much joy to our lives and we feel so lucky to have such a beautiful, smart and charming dog! I cannot recommend fostering, volunteering or adopting from Ken-Mar Rescue enough - their passion for animals is contagious and will change your life.

Thanks Martie & Ken for doing so much for orphaned animals in LA and ensuring their lives are bettered through responsible adoption and education.
...Estie R.

Foster to Adopt

Lucas of Ken-Mar Rescue

If you are not yet certain you are ready to bring a dog into your household, why not consider the Foster to Adopt Option? Maybe you want a dog and already have a another dog or cat, why not give it a test run first? This trial will also see if you are ready for the time and attention a dog needs.

We provide the dog's food, medical and additional supplies while you decide if he/she is compatible in your family pack. When an adoption application comes in and they request your dog, Foster parents always get "first dibs" on adopting their foster kids. As we have found with other foster parents, this is the time they decide that their foster dog really belongs at home with them.

Ken-Mar Rescue relies on their foster parent network as we could not do this without them. However, we know it is such a rewarding experience for our foster parents and quite often, their endeavor results in a foster failure. In our lingo, that means a dog has a new forever home!